Mike Basich superb house…

Lack of post lately as I still don’t know if I’ll continue posting or not. I was also really busy with work hence the emptiness of this space.

I still don’t know what I’ll do but after watching this video I definitely wanted to share it with you.

I love the concept and it’s a great life vision so watch it!

Carharrt and Docker giveaway…

to give away


I’m giving away those 2 Carharrt WIP Station Pant in size 33×32 and this shirt (worn 3 times max) size M plus this Dockers size 33×32!

I just ask for 10€ plus shipping to your country so if interested contact me on dacize (at) gmail (.) com payment to be done by paypal

Les Haras… Strasbourg

For my birthday my dad took me the trendiest restaurant in Strasbourg called Le Haras! It is probably the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever been! The decor is sublime!


The roof is one thing you look first when you arrive.




On your left if you come from the “Hotel side” you see the “lounge” area with its central bar and the open kitchen on the right… Both are really impressive.





Then you go up to the restaurant/brasserie room. A modern decor mixed with wood and warm color to remember that it used to be stable. It’s really spacious and nice.







But all goes down to the food! When the kitchen is supervised by a 3 Michelin star it’s not up to expectation for locals like I am.

The starter which is a Tart Flambée with trout was ok but a bit dry and with not too much flavor.

The Main, a “Foie Gras Poêlé” was ok… I mean nothing to remember. Very classic

The dessert, I think a Torch with chestnuts or something around that was again nothing to be remember the day after you had it.

My dad who was with me also had the same feeling of a really medium restaurant and I won’t talk about service that was trying hard to be nice but took aaaaagessssss….




Well so if you visit the beautiful city of Strasbourg and want a beautiful restaurant with a “ok” menu just don’t hesitate! However if you are crazy about food and know the gastronomy from my region… Well go for a drink or light bites.


Cizenstyle… #1

For your feet,

Well as you know I like sneakers so if we talk about style there will always be a big part of it covering sneakers! I have now decided to share why I like this or those more!

First as it is a trend have a look at this clip about the manufacturing of the Le Coq Sportif “Made in France” program:

It seems extraordinary but it’s how it used to be before we had all those robots and machine… The downside of this beautiful quality is that now it cost close to a luxury item…. but it’s so beautiful…

The sneakers selecta,


Those Adidas Tubular looks great in terms of shape, material and overall look



Luxury to its extreme limit! Beautiful fliflop by Buscemi!new-balance-mrl696db


Exactly the same feeling as the Adidas above on those New Balance!



Classic colorway well executed on a classic model… Only the shape is fucked up as usual on the AM1 since they left the Thai factory!nike-flyknit-chukka-midnight-fog


I like Nike flyknit chukka and like this colorway.nike-zoom-speed-tr2-black-black-white


Those seems like Roshe Run but with more technical effect… I kinda want them to go to the gym.

For your body,

well let’s get deep into hard winter… even if where I leave it’s like 15 degrees…

From The North Face White Label, a special line for South Korea I would pick up those two silhouette. The jackets and sweater are on point for your weekends and even the parka over a suit.

the-north-face-white-label-south-korea the-north-face-white-label-south-korea-2


If you look at feeling great under your jacket I would probably go with such a style from Wings+Horns. A heavy cotton trouser (or slim fitted jeans) with a polar above a shirt or a gilet to keeps you warm.




Then to go out clubbing or trendy fooding I would probably pick up those two from Over All Master Cloth… It’s fitted and the jacket would keep you warm from the car to the lounge.

over-all-master-cloth-fallwinter-2014-lookbook over-all-master-cloth-fallwinter-2014-lookbook2


I also like for this time of the year randomly this look from Nanamica


or those again from The North Face but this time the Purple Label


Je suis Charlie…

je suis charlie


I’m sad tonight! I’m sad to see that people can still kill in the name of a religion when we all know that in no ways a religion ask to do so!

Tonight I share that with you because I will always dream of an educated world. I dream of a world where people will respect, understand, tolerate and discuss each others views!

Please love, understand, elevate yourself, go meet your neighbors and the world! Make the world better, don’t destroy it!