2015 S-Class Coupe, Brabus 800 iBusiness, Startech Range Rover Sport 2014 and Land Rover Defender “Chelsea Longnose” by Kahn Design



This new S Class coupé by Mercedes Benz is sexy! Modern, well crafted, elegant and sharp! It looks like a sign of excellence if you drive one!


The iBusiness model have an upgraded V12 engine boasting approximately 788 horsepower. This G Class is fitted with Brabus’ Platinum Edition 23-inch wheels as well as their patented Widestar widebody. The Apple-equipped interior allows passengers the ultimate experience in automotive multimedia with its ability to connect to any Apple device from a Mac mini to Apple TV. This is a mean and beautiful beast!



Startech is a brand of Brabus for other maker than Mercedes… This time they take on the new Range Rover Sport!  Its nice appearance is realized through carbon fiber panels, ceramic-coated 23-inch wheels, plastic bumpers, and a three-piece spoiler on the roof.

They also offer you the possibility to do an upgrade to the existing 3.0L twin-turbo diesel V6 engine to get 323 hp and 501 lb-ft of torque while dropping its 0-100 down to 6.9 seconds. Nice…



Kahn Design unveil the Land Rover Defender dubbed the “Chelsea Longnose.” With a 495-bhp V8 engine, it’s probably the fastest Land Rover on the planet. The engine delivers power to all four wheels through a six-speed electronic gearbox and it has a race-derived braking system.

Inside you get hand-trimmed racing seats, a sports steering wheel, drilled pedals, and custom dials, alongside optionally-available integrated satellite navigation system, tweed trim detailing, and a choice of luxury floor and headlining materials.

It’s a limited edition with only 49 UK examples of the “Chelsea Longnose” with a base price of £89,950

Machete Kills, Prisoners, Jobs and The Fifth Estate


Some good looking movies isn’t it?

A day in the life… by Nike+


Well look guys I hate putting commercial and I hate the fact that I post nearly everything Nike does without anything in return! Ok I could stop doing it… both!

But let’s be honest commercial are like video clip, a part of my creative culture, so no other way! Regarding Nike, first I collect their bloody freakin sneakers then let’s be honest their ads are dope!

Look at this one! I hate their product Fuelband because it’s a bit useless for me as I can’t track my BJJ training with or would love to have a night tracer like in the up (Not working but supposed to) in it… well you understand… But the commercial for the product right above? DOPE!

So here I come I share with you guys…

The loss of 2011… Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs death this year is the loss of 2011! This guy didn’t create anything but just did things better. I remember myself with my Personal Assistant back in the days saying to a friend “imagine this little thing with a phone, a camera, lots of useful software and internet connectivity”!

Well Steve Jobs and Apple made the most user friendly one I can think of to date and it’s just an example… So I hope that he is having fun up there  and thanks.

We will probably miss your vision…


As an early Christmas/Hanuka/Post Eid and Birthday gift I have just received an Ipad! Ok at the beginning I thought this was a stupid gadget but from “interested in knowing more” I started understanding (Thanks Sister) why it’s such a nice gadget! Not a necessary one like the computer I’m currently typing with or the smartphone I’m using but a cool one that if I can get one why not!

So the next step was to find killer apps outside of the usual twitter, facebook, instagram and ebay ones… I’m still looking so your help is much appreciated but I found the first one in Flipboard! Ok it’s not new but as it wasn’t on Iphone I never knew what it was… When yesterday they launched it on this platform and saw what it was I dowmloaded it on my Ipad!

Then BAM! This is so cool! It takes all your social account media posted by your friends or people you follow and makes it a magazine! It also add some of their other publications which is nice…

I’m not gonna go into details but if you have an Ipad just go and get it as it’s awesome! On the Iphone I haven’t tried yet to be honest… Are you still reading me? Stop and go and get it!

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