Uniform Standard by Lifetime 2013 F/W

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When the weather is cold and the element trying to bring you down clothes need to be efficient! This Lifetime collection is all about that!

It is made for the cold temperature but remain good looking. With earth colors and good cut it sounds like the clothes you like when going on a weekend in the forest or when snowboarding for a week with you friends…

Canon Powershot N



It says: “When an image is captured in Creative Shot mode, the PowerShot N intelligently analyzes the scene and determines which of a host of creative elements could enhance the scene or offer a different creative angle. Alternatively, a creative edge can be added to a single shot with Canon’s creative modes – including Miniature Effect, Soft Focus, Toy Camera Effect and Monochrome. In terms of specs, the N boasts a 28-224mm equivalent lens, 12MP CMOS, Digic 5 processor and a maximum ISO of 6400.”

With the wifi connection it looks like the perfect on the go camera for all things instant like when you go partying or at the beach or visiting a city… I like the concept…

By Canon

Milano Challenge 2012


Yesterday I participate at the Milano Challenge 2012! On my side I took a lesson but wasn’t submitted so ok…

Otherwise it was great! Waited a lot of time for each to play (some more than others). We had a great motivation specially for the food waiting for us after the fights. There was a lot of people but the atmosphere was really great and really friendly. Ok it was really long as we left only at 10:30 in the evening when the Peaceful Warrior finished his tour!

But overall it was an amazing day! Competitors showed great technique and a real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu heart! Well done to the organizer!