Fitbit ultra???

I just discovered Fitbit… I was interested by the Nike Fuelband but it’s expensive and hard to find in Europe.

There was the Jawbone Up but they have some quality issue so it’s not anymore on the market…

Does anybody reading me use or used Fitbit ultra? I would like to hear from you! It sounds great and monitor your sleep which is a big plus for me… but 100€ is not cheap!

Let me know… and if you don’t know it watch the video below that compare it to the Nike FuelBand

A day in the life… by Nike+


Well look guys I hate putting commercial and I hate the fact that I post nearly everything Nike does without anything in return! Ok I could stop doing it… both!

But let’s be honest commercial are like video clip, a part of my creative culture, so no other way! Regarding Nike, first I collect their bloody freakin sneakers then let’s be honest their ads are dope!

Look at this one! I hate their product Fuelband because it’s a bit useless for me as I can’t track my BJJ training with or would love to have a night tracer like in the up (Not working but supposed to) in it… well you understand… But the commercial for the product right above? DOPE!

So here I come I share with you guys…