The test of Fitness

This another level! I keep on saying that hitting ONLY the gym is nonsense and this is the proof! It also shows that hitting the gym is important but it’s all about balance!

But this is also totally sick! Those guys are amazingly fit! They are 3.0 fitness! They are able to do it all and at high level! I was just blown away by this little documentary… It is also so interesting to see the evolution!

It motivates so much also… Well let’s stop the blabla… Watch it!

It’s fight week! UFC 140!!!

Lyoto Machida vs Jon Jones, Big Nog vs Franck Mir, Lil Nog vs Tito Ortiz! Oh my god this card is a Christmas gift to all MMA lovers! To be honest I am down with the Brazilians…

Why? Because I come from a Karate background and so always appreciated Machida style even if it is not the most spectacular one I do agree. For the Noogs well because I had the chance to meet those 2 legends and to be honest they were fantastic and earn a huge respect from me then! They were so accessible and teaching us in such a nice way things… Well as usual I can’t wait for this card!

Hey also look at this simulation below… it’s quite interesting… I hope reality will make the machine lie but it feels correct still…