Banksy you are a STAR!

Honestly this is the most amazing piece of Art I have ever seen! Banksy you are a genius!

You just show the world that without all the crap of marketing anything worth… Not even 60 bucks!

Common so many people pass by and nobody knows! I don’t say I would have been more clever but take one thing outside of its environment and it worth nothing…

Nothing worth nothing at the end of the day… even some of the most wanted art on the planet!


Resistance is an Australian hardcover publication compiled of images that document the methods and practices of graffiti culture, not focussing solely on the art itself. This book delves into the endeavours that typically can only be experienced, taking you personally through the adventure. Both the documented images in this book and in this short clip are taken from a singular Australian photographer. This clip shows insight into the contents of the book and the lifestyle led.

A view on the writer not on his art… I like that!