Stolen Look… In casual blue

bleu ChinismeJapanisation by Tommy TonBlueparis-fashion-week-fallwinter-2014-street-style-report



Blue is for men and women… blue is for trouser, jacket, shirt, skirt, everything… Blue is trendy, heritage, iconic, workwear… Blue is american, european, asian… Blue is for denim, silk, wool… Blue is everything!

With those silhouette it shows how beautiful it can be when well use in fashion… Blue is probably my favorite color… It so easy to mix and match with your favorite clothes…


This lil movie is about how your best denim made in America is made… This is interesting…

What can be even more interesting is the different type of material that are shown! Imagine this “green” or “Burgundy”? I’m joking I don’t!

Jeans are an essential piece of any wardrobe nowadays and quality can now be found at ok price so stop buying too much rubbish material made paisr and invest in quality clothing!

Barbour x Norton & Sons Collaboration


Barbour is a brand that I like since I’m a teenager! Its quality, outdoor aesthetic, fantastic cut and durability makes it an effortless piece of choice for the kind of weather I was born surrounded. Nowadays I live in warmer area but still enjoy having one for the time when Autumn start, the rain falls… along the temperature.

Then Norton & Sons… Well honestly for me Savile Row is just a far far away dream… But what a dream! I wish I will one day be able to afford suits from there…

So both together cannot go wrong and as you can see it doesn’t! I now wish that I would win at Euromillions and live in colder countries so I could wear both production but also their collab… Don’t you?