My new gadget! Google Nexus 4

Nexus 4


My mother gave me the taste for gadget with her coffee machine addiction… On my side it’s more mobile phone! I was used to change like every year but lately as I had my work iphone I didn’t really care…

But this Nexus4 was catching my eyes! Since I decided to launch a new social media experiment for my job I needed to leave my job phone for work related topics and so start looking at a new personal one… of course the Nexus 4!

So far after an afternoon of small use I am pretty amazed by it but should tell you more in a few weeks… If I don’t forget to!

Bye Instagram!


I still don’t get it but I can’t let you take my pictures and do whatever you want with it!

So sorry Instagram but I should delete my account as soon as I will have all my pictures back!

Or not? It seems like they revised their position since everybody start deleting their account… Let’s wait and see and visit my instagram


Ok I’m not a bit maker and every time I try to create sounds it feels like it comes out of the toilet so I stopped (makes me think that I should jump on the electronic mixing by now)…

However this Figure application on Iphone looks like a very intuitive and interesting one so you should try it! Let me know what you think about it and also send me your productions!

If I have time and money I will download it too in order to  waste time when travelling for example…

Ultrabook Pop Up Theater


I’m not showing too much my geek side in here but I am one I do have to agree with it! So when I see ads like those one I am just smiling…

Oh in case you ask I work on PC but have an Iphone and Ipad and still don’t think that I will change to a Mac… Just saying and specially when I see those ultrabook!

The loss of 2011… Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs death this year is the loss of 2011! This guy didn’t create anything but just did things better. I remember myself with my Personal Assistant back in the days saying to a friend “imagine this little thing with a phone, a camera, lots of useful software and internet connectivity”!

Well Steve Jobs and Apple made the most user friendly one I can think of to date and it’s just an example… So I hope that he is having fun up there  and thanks.

We will probably miss your vision…