Conceived and produced by the award-winning creative agency Flickering Wall, ‘Denham Psycho’ is a short film tribute to the controversial cult-classic originally premiered at Sundance in 2000. 

According to longtime fan of Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, director Hugo Keijzer explains; “-when I first heard Jason Denham talk about jeans it reminded me of the film’s legendary business-card scene. I recognized the same manic attention to detail and ravenous appetite for craftsmanship. This triggered the idea for a modern-day remake of the scene”. 

The team at Denham has a reputation for producing all their creative projects in-house but, as Jason Denham explains; “For us Flickering Wall’s proposal perfectly reflected the compulsive ‘otaku’ culture that tends to characterize the inner core of the denim scene. We were confident it would make a brilliant parody of fashion in general and the recent ‘heritage’ trend in particular. -Plus, it reminds us to keep having fun and not to take ourselves too seriously,” 

Denham Psycho will be launched during the kick-off event of the ‘Blue Yard’ Denham Pop-Up Store & Cinema on Tuesday 14th of January in Berlin. 

For me it was so crazy that I liked the short movie at first sight! It has this “Je Ne Sais Quoi” doesn’t it?


This lil movie is about how your best denim made in America is made… This is interesting…

What can be even more interesting is the different type of material that are shown! Imagine this “green” or “Burgundy”? I’m joking I don’t!

Jeans are an essential piece of any wardrobe nowadays and quality can now be found at ok price so stop buying too much rubbish material made paisr and invest in quality clothing!