Dom Hemingway ***



The pitch: “After spending 12 years in prison for keeping his mouth shut, notorious safe-cracker Dom Hemingway is back on the streets of London looking to collect what he’s owed.”

Well well well what to say about this movie? First I should mention that I had great expectation and that is probably why I wasn’t impressed!

I thought I would watch an absolutely crazy movie packed of fun and lively moment… Well there is some but I feel it went mostly flat ! Dom Hemingway could be a lot more interesting… Don’t take me wrong it’s a cool movie to watch! I just expected some more craziness coming from our best neighbors! It just feels that all action don’t connect to each others in a way…

So it’s just 3 stars because it’s nice but it doesn’t bring anything special on the table…


Homefront ***


The pitch “A former DEA agent moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord.”

To be honest the actor line up is great! Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth to name some… But the result is just an entertaining movie…

Nothing great nothing bad just a movie that you watch easily at the deep end of your sofa before you go to bed… So 3 stars…

Nymphomaniac Vol I & II

nymphomaniac character poster


I watched yesterday the Vol 2 and the day before Nymphomaniac Vol 1 and don’t know what to tell you! I was looking forward to this movie because the director (Lars Von Trier) have everything to be hated following some of his past comment and the subject is quite unusual.

After watching it to be honest I can tell you that I didn’t find the story really interesting and didn’t get any feeling out of the movie. So I can’t judge it! The only thing I can say is that unless you love “Psychological” movies you can pass on it…

If you ask for a note I would tell you that I don’t know… because it wasn’t bad or good… The judgement is your own…

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ****



The pitch is:

A day-dreamer escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, he takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.

This story is something else… It’s a sign that you should do what YOU want in life and don’t let yourself go into our society consideration! It shows that even you don’t consider yourself you should as you are great whatever you think you are!

The movie is entertaining but you don’t get the message before it ends. Don’t get you stopped by that as at the end it will be all clear! Also I’m usually quite afraid by Ben Stiller movies but this is a great play! Clap Clap on his performance!

Why not 5*? I don’t know…


The Councellor **

the-councellor poster

The story is the following:

“A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.”

Ok with a cast with the following Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz etc you then expect a good moment! Well no!

There is absolutely nothing interesting in this movie… Why not only 1*? Because I liked the atmosphere and look of the movie… For the rest? Well there is nothing…

Just don’t watch this movie you will loose 2 hours of your life…

Rush *****

Rush Movie Poster


Ron Howard is a great director! It shows in Rush!

The movie is about the merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The really good thing about the movie is that it show the exact balance of everything! Don’t expect long crazy race, too much out of the track craziness, no! Just expect the right amount of tension, feelings, rivalry, respect, research of excellence…

The actor don’t over do it, they play really well and the way they are pictured are pretty realistic. I assume the director didn’t seems to give special “preference” to any of the two and just wanted to give the right feel about this rivalry. I think it was well done!

This movie is so well balance that I liked all of it! I really recommend it even if you don’t like car racing…

American Hustle ***


Here is the pitch as per IMDB:

“A con man, Irving Rosenfeld, along with his seductive British partner, Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso. DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia.”

Well it’s seductive along the 70′s era and the good looking attribute of the movie but the end product is just ok! To be honest I expected a bit of craziness and some fun and instead?

Instead there is Christian Bale that realized that he is a fucked up character, Amy Adams that is so lovely, Bradley Cooper who is not a strong character and Jennifer Lawrence who is the “We need a Blonde chick!”. The story itself is ok but there is no surprise. I would have expect more rhythm and that is why I only give 3*.

To summarize Christian Bale and Amy Adams are interesting and play well in the movie, it’s good looking but again I expected more…

Cloud Atlas ****



So wikipedia say the following:

Cloud Atlas is a 2012 German[8] drama and science fiction film[9] written, produced and directed by The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer. Adapted from the 2004 novel by David Mitchell, the film features multiple plotlines set across six different eras. The official synopsis for Cloud Atlas describes the film as: “An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.

On my side I didn’t get the all movie but it’s not important at all! It’s a beautiful, crazy and interesting movie! It’s a 3hrs one and I watched it like if it was a hour!

SO why not 5*? Well because I didn’t get all the messages from it… But watch it!

Prisoners *****

prisoners poster

Take two father whose loved girls goes missing, a Camping Car that was at the wrong place and its owner with the IQ of a 10 years old, a cop that usually find his way but not this time and you have a magnificent movie when all is put together!

The emotion are strong in this movie but real and so a good questioning for yourself too! You ask yourself what would you do in the same situation? This is the first good point!

The second one is the all story! I’m used to find out the script of movies at around 1/3 of it but this time it took me the all movie! Yes I didn’t expect this ending…

So with an excellent story, really good actors, a background of the story perfect for it it makes sense to give it 5*!