Never skip the sunscreen!

Thomas Leveritt and his team showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.

It’s so interesting! I do like tanning but I do know how much it can burns and be malicious! So pay attention as it’s good to look good but what if it is to have troubles after?

The Gypsy Gentleman with with Shige and Horiyoshi III

The Gypsy Gentleman visit Japan and the master Horiyoshi III who is a living legend of Japanese tattoo art… He also visit Shige who have such an amazing style!

When I see those works it makes me think of going there just to let them do one for me… So beautiful

The Nike Id “Year of the Snake SheikhDaCize!” #myNIKEiDs

IMG_5465 IMG_5471 IMG_5475


My lovely pair of Nike Air Force One “Year of the Snake” by Sheikh Da Cize is out! I’m really happy of the outcome and I will do another set of picture later as by night it’s not as beautiful as it with day light!

In all cases I really but really like the outcome… and you?



Interesting film by Ryan Hope… A really intriguing rhythm, a strange feeling, an interesting initiative, a good question and some interesting character makes it a piece to watch…

And to get a tattoo from Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons too…

Tattoo World Convention in Strasbourg

This afternoon I went to the Tattoo World Strasbourg! First tattoo convention in the European Capitol since 2004 now.

It was well organised even if space was missing to move around nicely. There was really good artist. Overall the atmosphere was friendly and the nice weather I’m sure helped making this first for a while a good one!

In and out…