Patta in Europe is one of the most influential crew and shop! Their collabs are famous and have always been something really special! Their location is a such a crossroad of culture and freedom! Their roots in the street is indisputable! They have made themselves  a legit pillar of this scene by their work!

It’s good then that for their 10th Anniversary they bring us a little bit of behind the curtains history… This trailer shows you a hint and so I can’t wait to see it!

Le Sheikh kicks… Air Jordan VI Infrared retro 2014

Air Jordan VI Retro 2014 1 Air Jordan VI Retro 2014 2 Air Jordan VI Retro 2014 4Air Jordan VI Retro 2014 3 Air Jordan VI Retro 2014 5


The Air Jordan VI! What an icon! This has been with few of her sister the “Air Jordan“!

The VI hasn’t been retro that much through the years so putting my hands on those was a must. For the little story I nearly bought the Infrared pack in 2010 in China but didn’t has I didn’t have enough space in my luggage so passed!

So this time even if the leather is… as usual and the Infrared kind of infrapink but not bad at all I took them! I am happy that I did because they are still one of the most beautiful sneakers ever!

Another thing is that they are a bit large for the size, I could have taken one half size less… So go and get them as we are lucky they are everywhere!




I purchased those Nike Flyknit Chukka a bit more than a weeks ago from Nike Factory store. It is probably one of the best I did since they open!

At the beginning I wasn’t keen on flyknit but it has all changed! I first bought two trainer then tried a lunar soled one at Nike London and didn’t like the look. But when sawing those I had to try them and bang! Bought and loved! Only stupid people don’t change mind!

They are some of the most comfy kicks I have and are so good looking!

Shoes Up 040 New basic…

P1000025 P1000026 P1000027 P1000028


Not so long ago I was the lucky winner thanks to Ugly Mely (Check out her blog it’s dope!) of the magazine Shoes Up!

I did have bought this magazine 10 years ago when it went out but stopped quickly because the internet became a better source than this, at that time, generalist Sneakers/Fashion publication.

With this 10th anniversary edition they have changed their game! It’s now a lot more interesting and it’s a good thing. The clothing selection is finer, the interview are from people that are making our time and the quick city guide by a person really cool…

So well done Shoes Up!