Filling Pieces S/S 2014

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I have something for normal sport orientated sneakers we all know that! But deep inside me I also have something for other feet garments! The only thing is that I have way too many Nike to look elsewhere when I shop!

That is wrong because I should buy some Filling Pieces! They look awesome and from as far as I know quality follow! On top they are rightly priced for their look… What I am waiting for? I don’t know! What do you?


Patta in Europe is one of the most influential crew and shop! Their collabs are famous and have always been something really special! Their location is a such a crossroad of culture and freedom! Their roots in the street is indisputable! They have made themselves  a legit pillar of this scene by their work!

It’s good then that for their 10th Anniversary they bring us a little bit of behind the curtains history… This trailer shows you a hint and so I can’t wait to see it!