Biting Elbows crazy videos!


By the way as you can see I’m back from Russia! I’ve took a lots of pictures so I need to transfer and I will show you a hint of my trip! However at the moment if you are not afraid of too much action have a look at those two video clip from the Russian group Biting Elbows!

I’m sure you have seen it already but I found them brilliant! Hardcore and not sensitive at all but brilliant!

Don’t reproduce that at any price!

Geneva XXL

Geneva xxl


The Geneva Sound System Model XXL is stunning and have advanced acoustics for a powerful home theater and high-fidelity music system!

Designed to hold up to a 65-inch flat screen placed on top, connection to a television is made using HDMI.┬áIt is engineered to provide optimal sound for music and sound effects. So it’s over cool for news, sports, music videos, or action movie. With state of the art digital amplifiers power six speakers and an 8-inch subwoofer it would be awesome in my tiny leaving room!