Manto GI “X” white unpacking review…


Guys I just received my Manto “X” gi and wanted to share the unboxing review with you!

To resume here is the spec of the gi:

  • - Pearl weave (550 g)
  • - Ripstop cotton pants
  • - High quality rope and extra belt loops at waist
  • - Reinforced knee area for increased durability
  • - EVA foam collar
  • - Highest quality embroidery and patches



As you can see in the two pictures above when you open the box you first you first get to see a nice purple Gi Bag! It’s a nice looking one and a good attention! First good point!

Then you get the Gi nicely folded in a plastic bag which prove that he wasn’t used before! ;)






The first thing I did was to look at the jacket and to be honest I like what I saw! The lapel is in ripstop and of a fair size… I mean not the biggest one neither the smallest one compared to my other gi (Vulcan Ultra Light, Keiko Sport basic, Kauai Ripstop and Atama Single Weave).

Then it’s about the details that you see by yourself in the pictures! The sewing seems of quality and reinforced everywhere it needs to be!

Overall the jacket looks great! I like the colorway and also the right amount of patch!

In term of feeling the cotton used is very nice, soft and light… Yes it feel light  but still strong which is good!




Regarding the trouser I was impressed! The ripstop material used is very strong and again there is the right amount of reinforcement! The nice element that I’m not used to is the rope used to tight the pants! I can’t wait to try it to see if it is as good as it feels when rolling!

I then tried the Gi and that is where I wasn’t the happiest! I’m basically 1m76 and 77kg so asked when I bought it if I should take A2 or A1? I was told in doubt take A2 which I followed as I assumed it would shrink (I hope) enough! When straight of the box it too large for someone my size! The pants is close to touch the floor and the arms goes pass the beginning of the hand!

So I will see how it goes with the shrinkage and using it to give you a conclusion however it’s a damn cool Gi! In term of style and material it’s a good one!

I would also like to say that Unlimited Fighter even if their advice have a mixed result have a great platform to buy your stuff and it came to me really quickly!

UFC 174: Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley

The UFC is not like 2-3 years ago when the intensity was there in nearly every fight! With the size of the organisation and the money that I assume it represents now fighters are a lot more strategic in their approach!

The result is that a lot of the fight end up being a bit boring as too technical! However some of them prove me wrong and I hope this one will!

Ok McDonald is technical as hell and have this GSP science in him but he wants it! Opposite to him you have what looks like a beast! So all together it looks like a great match up that should result in an amazing fight! I hope so!

If you ask me what side I’m in I’ll tell you… the Canadian!

1 Million Dollars Mountain Bike…



Interesting isn’t it? Here is the manufacturer description:

The House of Solid Gold offers to you the first 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike, “The Most Expensive Extreme Mountain Bike in the World”.  How many times in one’s lifetime will you see extreme meet extreme?  “The House of Solid Gold” created the world’s most expensive extreme mountain bike.  The House of Solid Gold’s founder, Hugh Power, has been changing the playing field for 30 years designing and creating outrageous objects’ of art.  He is also the designer of the world’s most expensive reading glasses, the CliC Gold’s.  Without hesitation, Dan Bull, an internationally recognized ultra athlete and extreme sports promoter who was founder of “Iditabike”, the insanely extreme race through Alaska in the winter, worked with Hugh to bring the world this most incredible bespoke extreme bicycle.  The modern era of “fat bikes” were basically invented and brought to the world by Mr. Bull’s forsight decades ago.  

Named the “The Beverly Hills Edition”, this extreme mountain bike, also known as a “fat bike”, is handcrafted and overlaid with pure 24K gold. Using modern day techniques and taking well over 750 hours to complete, each part was coated to perfection in the USA using the electroplating process. The House of Solid Gold will create only 13 gold extreme bikes for the world market, each one being totally customized and made to the buyers wants and needs. Added for accent and beauty, the diamonds and sapphires are pave’ set on the frame emblem.  To be more specific, the custom emblem bearing The House of Solid Gold logo, “THSG” is embellished and encrusted with over 600 Black Diamonds (6.0 carats in total) and 500 Golden Sapphires (4.5 carats in total).  The one of a kind customized seat is covered in the finest chocolate brown alligator and absolutely beautiful. The one of a kind water bottle is covered in gold and accented with chocolate brown stingray.  Finally, the bike is laser engraved with artist signature, dated and numbered as the 1st of 13 and is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.  Please see below the manufacturers who made this possible.  This unprecedented and extremely exquisite piece of artistic bling will be delivered and unpacked for you anywhere in the world via our white glove service by the artist.

The House of Solid Gold’s CEO, Mr. Power, announced recently his elation about working closely with The Way to Happiness Foundation International, a global non-profit, non-religious charitable organization whose sole mission is to reverse the moral decay of society by restoring trust and honesty the world over through the publication and widespread distribution of “The Way to Happiness” booklet, a common sense guide to better living.  The majority, 90% or more, of the proceeds from the sale of this golden bicycle will go directly to this global organization.

 We do not accept payment by Credit Card or PayPal for this item. Please proceed to checkout and choose the payment method: “Cashier’s Check / Money Order / Bank Wire Transfer”.

I’m positing this because it is crazy, absolutely useless and doesn’t make sense like our society! So why not? In any case I can’t wait to see someone on a trail with it!

Becoming Sumo…

Becoming a Sumo is a really interesting journey! If you are not Japanese it is even more… I love this sport not for the action but more for all the rules and tradition behind!

In Japan the Sumo fighter are half god and now for century! No other sport have dethrone them! Seeing this tradition going threw the years and seeing foreigners motivated to master this art makes it even… bigger!

Filling Pieces S/S 2014

filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-1 filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-2 filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-3 filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-4 filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-5 filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-6 filling-pieces-2014-spring-summer-7


I have something for normal sport orientated sneakers we all know that! But deep inside me I also have something for other feet garments! The only thing is that I have way too many Nike to look elsewhere when I shop!

That is wrong because I should buy some Filling Pieces! They look awesome and from as far as I know quality follow! On top they are rightly priced for their look… What I am waiting for? I don’t know! What do you?