Undefeated Technical Goods Spring 2014

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I think sport and healthy lifestyle has never been so important in our society! Everybody seems now to exercise and try to have the best shape they can… Well at least in my current world!

It make no surprise then that other than the big guys like Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Puma wants a share in this growing market! I think it’s good for us because it push the creation and innovation!

So jumping on the bandwagon is the well loved Undefeated with their technical goods collection! When I don’t know the quality (really important for sports gear!) I do have to say that they look good! They are a bit expensive I feel compare to other more mainstream brand that have product recognized but they look good!

Also I feel that Undefeated is really legit to this market as they have made what I would call “after sports” gear for a long time…

Nuits des Arts Martiaux d’Antibes 2013

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Yesterday thanks to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mestre I had the occasion to go and watch La Nuit des Arts Martiaux d’Antibes (Martial Arts nights of Antibes)! We had some fantastic seats and the show  wanted to commemorate Bruce Lee!

It was honestly perfectly done! Ok some Martial Arts are not all to my taste but overall what a show! The Hoang Nghi team has done a great job!

The highlights for me were The Hoang Nam school with their tribute to Bruce Lee, The MMA demo by Tom Duquesnoy, The Kendo, the Shaolin monks and the Capoeira team as they had some big babies showing great skills!

Honestly it was a great evening and if you are in the area in May 2015 as it’s when it should be back go to watch it!

Kurt Osiender, Victor Estima, Rafael Mendes and GSP vs Hendricks!

Kurt Osiender is a famous BJJ practioner known more for his personality when he explain you something than anything else! He got a great Jiu Jitsu but such a raw personality! Discover the guy here if you don’t know him (even if you do) as he is someone!

Victor Estima… Had the chance to attend a seminar with him and have a burger… A great guy with like his brother Braulio a great vision of the sport!

Rafael Mendes on his preparation for ADCC this year that he unfortunately loss… He is the guy who made me love BJJ!

GSP vs Hendricks! Are you as excited as I am?

This weekend is ADCC weekend!

The ADCC is like the Olympics of Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! It’s the time when all the best athlete the planet have meet to win on of the 3 most famous competition if not the 1!

This year it is held in China and when all the fight will worth their penny the superfight between Braulio Estima and André Galvao will for sure be one of the highlight!

If you want to watch it live head to the ustream link of adcombat!