Ok guys if you do sports and understand French (Soon it will be in English too!) please go and check fysiki.com!

It’s even better than facebook and twitter for all the sports lovers! You can record your exercise but also get cheers from your friends or advice on best techniques!

It’s great because it covers all aspects of sports and also provide you with training scheme…

The best? I’m on their presentation video! Yes at the end it’s me doing some kettle bell and push ups!

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour


It’s rare that I put sneakers outside of the “Sneakers Selecta” part but when it’s presented like this I have to! Roger Federer wanted the lightness of a running shoe with the specificity of a tennis shoe… Tinker Hatfield and Nike did it and in a beautiful manner!

Guys the way you roll nowadays with your innovation in footwear is really cool! The shoe looks good too!