This lil movie is about how your best denim made in America is made… This is interesting…

What can be even more interesting is the different type of material that are shown! Imagine this “green” or “Burgundy”? I’m joking I don’t!

Jeans are an essential piece of any wardrobe nowadays and quality can now be found at ok price so stop buying too much rubbish material made paisr and invest in quality clothing!

The Gypsy Gentleman with with Shige and Horiyoshi III

The Gypsy Gentleman visit Japan and the master Horiyoshi III who is a living legend of Japanese tattoo art… He also visit Shige who have such an amazing style!

When I see those works it makes me think of going there just to let them do one for me… So beautiful

Then Lisboa…

Panoramaphoto (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo

I really like Lisboa! I don’t know if it’s the weather, the Atlantic or the people but I like the vibe of the city!

There is a lot of Streetart everywhere and the soul of the city is pretty maintained… Not a lot of wanna be Modern shit just true Portuguese stuff… I didn’t have time to go Tourist but the snapshot above show the lil time I walked in the street.

photo (4) photo (5)
photo (6)

Above is picture of the meal I had a sessenta. It’s a really nice restaurant in the centre of Lisboa but not the touristic one. I might have been the only not inhabitant of the city but the meal was really good and service to the top! If you look for a good place for a lunch go there!