Mark McNairy New Amsterdam A/W 2012


Mark “McNasty”Nairy comes this Autumn and Winter with a beautiful and mostly wearable selection!

The camo jacket are over dope! The really preppy trousers are perfect with their oversize pattern or camo… The all is just what I could wear, like to wear, want to wear…

Look at all I like knowing that there is more but I did selected it! Only the best for you guys!



10Deep Pre Spring 2012


Ok it’s a bit difficult but 10deep propose a Pre-Spring collection… Can be hard to follow if they do a pre-summer, spring, post spring etc collection but the quality is strong so why not!

I feel really good with what they offer on this pre-spring selection. Easy to wear on your casual and sporty days so for me even if not “overnew” all good!


Visvim S/S 2012


Visvim is a strong brand in the fact that they don’t do fashion! For me they do clothes that have quality, taste and the little something that make them out of the league!

It’s never easy but never complicated, it’s never poor but neither rich! Visvim is probably the best quality for taste you can find on the market. Maybe not for everybody but so good that I can’t even find words to describe the feeling it gives me…