I Love Ugly April/May 2014

i-love-ugly-april-may-2014-collection-1 i-love-ugly-april-may-2014-collection-2 i-love-ugly-april-may-2014-collection-3 i-love-ugly-april-may-2014-collection-04 i-love-ugly-april-may-2014-collection-05 i-love-ugly-april-may-2014-collection-06

I love Ugly is from New Zealand and that is probably why I’m not sure if it’s spring or fall (I’m in North and they are South to explain ;) ) but in all cases it looks good…

It’s really sporty but doesn’t feel sporty you know what I mean? It’s elegant sporty and that’s what I like!

General Idea f/w 2012


Ok ok I know it’s too early to talk about Fall and winter clothing but 1. I’m not doing the launch of product in opposite seasons 2. Well I not able to stock everything and re-share when it’s time!

So let’s go back to our cookies!

General Idea for Fall and Winter 2012 is dope dope dope! Very luxurious in the cut and colors yet easily wearable on a more “street/relaxed” way… and for me it’s really something I like!